1. Ordering goods from website and have a payment 
2. Ordering goods from Line@ application : @hotbasic and have a payment. Using QR code below to add line@ account

3. Order goods on the Facebook messenger.
4. Came to choose products in the shop at Bobae tower market.

1. Name-Surname
2. Sending receipt payment 
3. Sending address for delivery by channel below
   Line@ : @hotbasic 
   Facebook Messenger : HotBasicTShirt
   Email :

We will send your order every working day. The transportation cost will calculate with the numbers of goods. 
The first 3 pieces will cost 50 Baht next piece will cost 10 Baht per piece.

In order that you need to inform us to deliver your order by using other method except the postal services please contact us before making a payment.

1. For those customer who living in Bangkok and nearby will get the package within 1-3 working days.

2. For Customers who live in other province except Bangkok and nearby will get the package within 3-4 working days.

3. Lastly, for customers who live in sub-urban province will get your package in 3-7 working days.